Videofied is a video verification product that enables our security monitoring center to verify a security breach within moments of it occurring. Videofied provides real time video alarm verification allowing our security monitoring centre to see exactly what has caused an alarm allowing them to determine exactly what action needs to be taken.

The advanced Videofied motion viewer (movement detectors with integrated camera) captures a ten second video as soon as the motion viewer is activated. It then sends this video to our security monitoring center where an operator can evaluate the cause and make the proper notifications.

The Benefits of Using Video Verification

  • Faster law enforcement - Police can respond quickly to an actual crime in progress
  • Reduce false alarms - saving you time and money on patrols and guard costs
  • Improved response time - you can instruct our security monitoring center dispatch a guard or police if a physical presence is seen
  • You do not need a landline - the video information is sent to our security monitoring center via the mobile phone network
  • The control panel can easily be integrated with your existing security system to enhance your security or operate as a standalone system
  • The motion viewer is wireless and completely mobile so it can be moved around. It can be used inside or outside and is ideal for remote sites which are difficult to access