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Do You Have a Home Security Inventory?

What is the brand and model of the television set(s) in your home? What was the purchase price of your computer? What is the serial number of your digital camcorder? Could you answer these questions off the top of your head? Do you have this information documented in a safe location? If not, you need…
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Don’t let crime ruin your family’s vacation

No one wants to be a victim of crime, especially when  on vacation. Yet travelers are often targeted by and fall prey to criminals.  Being in unfamiliar surroundings and “broadcasting” that fact can lead to trouble. Here are some ideas to help keep you and yours safe and sound away from home. Get the big…
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Online Safety Tips for Kids and Their Parents

The Internet is a wonderful tool for children.  It can assist with homework, provide a source of entertainment and broaden their horizons.  But kids and their parents also need to be aware of the potential dangers in cyberspace, and how to safeguard against them. That’s why we highly recommend NetSmartz®, an interactive, educational resource for…
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Defend Against Home Invasion

The growing trend of criminals to invade our homes while we are there is disturbing, to say the least.  This is also one of the most terrifying and dangerous crimes imaginable. If you can delay a home invader at the point of entry then you have a chance of deterring them or giving yourself enough…
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